Wládvia Jeppesen

International Lawyer


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Wládvia Jeppesen

International Lawyer

Welcome to my profile! I am deeply passionate about human security, travel, technology, and the transformative power of law. As a christian lawyer, my mission is to defend rights, seek justice, promote peace, and ensure successful outcomes in the causes I champion.

My expertise lies in navigating the complexities of international and administrative law, where I excel in finding innovative solutions to challenging legal issues. Currently, I have the privilege of representing federal teachers in Brazil, advocating for their rights and interests.

Here, you will be able to see my insights and get to know me as a person. It will be a joy to connect and collaborate, and together, we can commit to making a positive impact in the world.



Catholic University of Pernambuco

Bachelor's degree in law

01.2005 - 06.2009

Since my youth, I’ve been committed to justice and equity, a sentiment that naturally guided me to pursue a degree in Law. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I intensely dedicated myself to exploring various legal fields. I was fortunate to be taught by some of the most distinguished professors in the field and also made lifelong friends.

Law and Business Study Center

Specialization in International Law

08.2018 - 01.2020

I am deeply enthusiastic about traveling, having lived in six distinct countries, each with its own unique charm and culture. This inspired me to study international law, seeking to understand the dynamic flow of people, goods, and legal systems in our globalized world.

Aarhus University

Master's Degree in Human Security

09.2023 - 06.2025

I got my degree as a general practitioner and physician, and later on, I finished a course in nutrition gastronomy. A healthy lifestyle has always been my passion, and I like to motivate people to stay fit!

Attorney General's Office of the State

Law Intern

09.2007 - 07.2009

This was an exciting experience for me as a beginner, and I am grateful for the knowledge I gained and the professionals I met at the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Pernambuco. My main task was to assist three incredible and remarkable attorneys in preparing legal documents and conducting research.

Fiscal Prosecutor's Office Municipality

Tax Attorney

04.2013 -12.2014

Embarking on a career in fiscal and tax law as a fiscal prosecutor was a thrilling adventure. Dealing with local issues and securing victories in the country’s higher courts of justice was an extraordinary experience. Throughout this journey, I had the privilege of collaborating with wonderful individuals.

Wládvia Law Firm


08.2010 - present

As an attorney, I have become proficient in administrative, tax, and international law. I have had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Flor e Leite Lawyers Associates. Currently, I am privileged to represent federal teachers in Brazil, advocating for their rights and interests, and contributing to the advancement of the educational sector.

Study Awards

Excellent Performance Coefficient

2009 & 2020

I feel immensely blessed by God. All the efforts, along with countless hours of study, have brought great results: a Performance Coefficient of 9.16/10 for my bachelor’s degree in Law, and a wonderful 9.5/10 for my specialization in International Law, placing me in the ‘Excellent’ category at the University. This academic excellence is reflected in the successes we’ve achieved in the courts. For all of this, I am deeply happy and grateful.

Personal Skills
Speak in public
Make new friends
Contemplate nature
Motivation and adventure
Designer and arts
Professional Skills
International Law35
Administrative Law20
Tax Law30
Environmental Law30
Human Rights30
Language Skills





José Valdeci
José Valdeci

I am very satisfied with the guidelines and execution of the process. My congratulations on your noble professionalism and honesty.

Valmira Leite
Valmira Leite

Your humanity, intelligence and humility make you super special. Congratulations on the speed in resolving the process, despite the system being slow, you know how to manage it in the best way.

Henrik Jeppesen
Henrik Jeppesen

I love her so much!



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